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Complexion Clarifying Serum


Complexion Clarifying Serum

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A powerful yet gentle serum for a continually clear and balanced complexion. Read More

Product Description

A water-based serum engineered with ZO sebum-targeting science, clinically proven to reduce surface oil, congestion + visible redness for a continually clear + balanced complexion. This foundational staple is formulated for a range of skin types, especially combination, oily + blemish-prone skin. Fragrance and alcohol free.

ZO's water-soluble salicylic acid powerfully decongests skin without drying or irritating solvents. It is shown to be as effective as traditional salicylic acid formulations - while being gentle on a range of skin types. 

Features & Benefits

  • Proven to decongest skin + reduce surface shine in 2 weeks
  • Minimized excess sebum with daily use, while providing optimal hydration for a range of skin types
  • Reduced visible redness for a more uniform complexion


Apply to clean, dry skin.


Water-soluble salicylic acid ZSEB. ZO-RRS2 + ZPOLY.

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