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What sets Raw Canvas apart? Q&A with Founder and Skin Master Amanda Massey.

Many of you already know our Skin Master, and the woman behind the magic that is Raw Canvas: Amanda Massey. But how well do you really know her? We want to take a moment to step behind the scenes and chat with Amanda a little bit about her brand, her vision, and what really sets Raw Canvas apart.

 What made you decide to open your own skincare studio?

 I had a vision: a vision to create an environment that was results driven with no bullshit, to put it bluntly! I had worked in the pharmaceuticals industry for 5 years as a sales rep and was constantly seeing confused patients, hearing that they had tried so many brands & treatments and nothing really worked. In this industry you really do need to do the research, I love when patients ask me detailed questions! You need to research the clinic, the brands, and the equipment, as not all products, studios and treatments are the same. My goal with Raw Canvas was to treat every canvas with a combination of medical technology and skincare to be results driven. Raw Canvas is a culmination of a life time of healthy Canvas, mind and body.

 Raw Canvas really is a different studio than anything else we've come across, what sets you apart?

I believe what sets Raw Canvas apart comes down to one word. Honesty. Honest is my approach. My goal is to make sure every patient achieves skin health and is educated in their treatment plan every step of the way. It comes down to team work as well. In order for me to do my job it is important for a patient to do theirs through a regime of skin care and healthy living. My patients all know that I am always available to answer any questions or concerns. Raw is a place where when you enter the studio you become part of the family.


Unlike most studios, you require a consult before treating anyone. Why did you decide to structure your process of care this way? What if someone would just like to book a treatment they've seen online without a consultation?

Thats a great question. The truth is I would rather say no than yes to treating a patient if I don’t not have control over their skincare. It is important to have them prep the skin with a customized home care regime based on their concerns. This way treatments will be optimized and I can expect a proper out come. I look at it as: skin care is the nutrition plan, and I am the trainer. In order to see results you must have both. Also, most of the time good results can be achieved by getting on appropriate skin care products catered to your concerns. It also comes down to prevention and correction. Once the skin is prepped and healthy we can begin the process to achieve the true meaning of Raw Canvas, no make up, no filter just a beautiful Canvas they can bare to the world!

 I often bring my young son into the studio with me for my appointments (he loves wearing his "buzz lightyear glasses"), was it always part of your vision to be so family-friendly, or is that something that evolved naturally being a home studio?

I am a mom and have been for 18 years. For me, I remember finding it hard to go places, make appointments and commit to them due to not having child care. I want every patient to know kids are always welcome. When I transition to the new space I have a designated area for the children to play, so mom or dad can be at ease while a treatment is performed. There will someone on my front end to tend to children, or if it is safe for them to enter the treatment room based on the procedure they are always welcome. Plus all my patients kids know they get a treat when they leave, as I feel it’s important to make it fun and enjoyable for them as well!

Thanks Amanda! And don't forget to comment below and share with us any questions you might have about Raw Canvas Skin Bar.


The Raw Team

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