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What is BBL?

What is BBL?

Let’s start with the basics. BBL stands for  BroadBand Light, and it is actually not a laser treatment; but an intense white light, commonly referred to as IPL (intense pulsed light). Here at Raw Canvas we use the Sciton JOULE™, famous for being faster, safer and more effective than traditional IPL treatments. This intense light is filtered to different wavelengths based on which skin condition is being treated. The light is then absorbed by the target (veins, age spots etc.), destroying it and restoring skin to it’s natural tone and producing collagen resulting in a much more youthful appearance. BBL is used to treat a wide range of age-related concerns such as sun spots, age spots, fine lines & wrinkles, spider veins and uneven texture, as well as acne, rosacea and skin tone, making it an incredible course of treatment for a wide range of clients. 

Ever watched an episode of Housewives and noticed how many necks and chests don’t match the baby-smooth well lasered faces residing above them? This is a major pet peeve of mine, and one of the reasons I always recommend clients pull their retinol and active ingredients down their neck and decolletage. Luckily, this skin-rejuvenation technology and the HERO handpiece can be used not only on the face, but to treat signs of aging on the neck, chest, and arms as well (goodbye wrinkly cleavage!). 

About the treatments:

Forever Young BBL

BBL treatments are performed monthly, and most patients will require four treatments for best results. From there annual seasonal maintenance is encouraged to correct, prevent and stimulate the skin. Studies have shown that with yearly repeated treatments the DNA in your skin cells can actually be altered to represent a younger DNA profile, actually reversing the aging process. In a blind study of patient photos, dermatologists rated patients who had received regular Forever Young BBL treatments on average 9 years younger than their actual age. 

Forever Clear BBL

Forever clear BBL is a unique three step process that destroys acne causing bacteria, and reduces inflammation & redness leaving clear, healthier skin. The treatment process uses BLUE BBL light to eliminate acne bacteria from deep in your pores, YELLOW BBL light to reduce inflammation & redness, and INFRA-RED light to promote and stimulate the body’s healing process. We recommend six treatments, two weeks for best results.

Skintyte BBL

SkinTyte BBL uses INFRA-RED technology to deeply heat the dermal layers stimulating new collagen, while using a sapphire cooling handpiece tio cool and protect the surrounding tissue. The rapid, gentle energy pulses delivered heat soft tissue and lead to a more youthful appearance. The combination of heating and cooling makes this revolutionary procedure one of the safe and cost effective. 


HERO (HIgh Energy Rapid Output) is the world's most powerful IPL device on the market. Itr delivers Intense Pulsed Light at 4x the speed, 3x the power, and 2x the cooling allowing for larger areas such as the chest, arms, legs and back effectively and, because of the power and speed much more affordably due to the time reduced in treating large areas compared to a traditional IPL handpiece.

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