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Tattoo removal that works

Enlighten III by CUTERA is today's most advanced laser tattoo removal technology. It is a revolutionary treatment that is a laser tattoo removal procedure that works. The enlighten III laser's ultra-short pulses of energy target your tattoo's ink particles and shatter them without impacting the surrounding skin, clearing it of ink.

Many of us have one tattoo, and some of us regret them. The tattoo inked into our skin from our carefree days may not be something we still want today. In the past, tattoos became a permanent part of our skin. But with Enlighten III, we help our clients remove their tattoos completely.

The enlighten III laser offers the highest output energy in the industry using three wavelengths (1064 nm 670vnm and 532 nm) and the quickest pulse durations to provide a tattoo removal treatment that covers the entire spectrum of tattoo inks.

What was once a complicated procedure is now possible without surgical excisions or skin grafts. Enlighten III fires a beam of light through the skin into the lower layer of skin where the tattoo ink is inserted. The light is absorbed and breaks down the ink into tiny particles, which are then passed through the body naturally and removed. 

Enlighten III uses an extremely short and high-powered laser that efficiently breaks down the ink particles in your tattoo. While the total number of enlighten III tattoo removal treatments varies based on your tattoo's composition, depth, and colour. 

Permanent makeup tattoos respond very well to the treatment allowing for faster clearance in 3-4 sessions spaced four weeks apart. Other tattoos are treated 10-12 weeks apart, allowing the body to process the shattered ink naturally. In most cases, total clearance will be achieved. However, some ink colours are more difficult to remove than others. Amanda can help determine if enlighten III will work for your tattoo through a consultation and spot test.

The treatment can be best described as hot fast drops splattering as the pulse of the laser aims at your tattoo ink. On average, a three-inch tattoo laser removal treatment requires only a few minutes to complete. We use a Zimmer (chilling system) to keep patients comfortable. Options for numbing are also available in the clinic for an additional charge.

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