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All You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

The sun is shining, the spring dresses and daisy dukes are being dusted off, and we are talking about our favourite Raw Canvas treatments to get you summer ready- Laser Hair Removal!

Why choose Raw for your Laser Hair Removal?

This is one of our favourite questions! Chances are anywhere you call is going to tell you they have the best laser, which is why we strongly encourage prospective patients to do their research. We use a CUTERA excel HR which has two wave length a 1064 yag safe for all skin types and a 755 Alexandrite for skin types 1-3 . And while we do strongly believe that we have the best laser for this job, there is much more to safe and effective treatments than just the tool being used. There are currently no regulations in Canada on who can operate these lasers, or what the training needs to be. It is not unheard of, or uncommon for clinics and medspas to have staff with no prior education or qualifications, only a quick in house demo of how to operate the laser. Even scarier, any Tom, Dick or Sally could purchase a cheap laser overseas and start treating strangers with no training at all (hello Groupon! Yikes!). This can create huge problems, not only in effectiveness of the treatments, but patient safety. Most of us have heard horror stories of someone we know getting burns, blisters, or pigmentation changes from a cosmetic laser, and a bad burn from a laser being turned too high or poorly operated could be with you for life. On the other end of the spectrum, we often hear people tell stories of having spent thousands of dollars on laser hair removal treatments with little or no lasting results. This can be from poor quality lasers and/or poorly trained technicians. While everyones results will vary, a reputable, knowledgable laser technician will be able to give you an honest answer on how treatments will work for you, and ensure a safe and smoothhhhhh end result! At Raw Canvas only our Skin Master Amanda Massey operates the laser, a commitment we have made to our clients to ensure safe and effective treatments every single time.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

During laser hair removal, a laser emits a light that is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair. The light energy is converted to heat, which damages the tube-shaped sacs within the skin (hair follicles) that produce hairs. 

Hairs do not fall out immediately, but shed slowly over a period of weeks throughout the growth cycle. Although this may look like continued growth you will notice as these hair shed they will grow back fewer and lighter every time. When, or if hair does regrow it is much finer, and often lighter in color. 

Does Laser Removal hurt?

As the laser beam passes through your skin to the hair follicles you will feel some heat, and at times possible discomfort. Many people describe it as feeling like an elastic band snapping on the skin. Sensitive areas such as the bikini line might feel warmer than arms or legs and you may feel a bit more heat. A over the counter topical numbing cream is 30 minutes before treatment is a great option for patients who might be nervous or are sensitive to heat. Our CUTERA laser has a built in cooling device so it is cooling your skin at the same time, creating a much smoother (pun intended!) treatment experience for our patients.

How many sessions/treatments will I need?

This a great question. It is a common misconception that multiple treatments are needed to destroy your hair follicles, and while this is technically true, it’s probably not what you think. Because hair growth and loss occurs naturally in a cycle you need multiple treatments to hit each follicle at its new-growth stage. Anyone who has waxed before will be familiar with this 6-10 week cycle. Patients will need anywhere from 6-8 treatments about 6 weeks apart depending on the area and type of hair for optimum results.

While everyones results will vary, a reputable, knowledgable laser technician will be able to give you an honest answer on how treatments will work for you, and ensure a safe and smoothhhhhh end result!


Is Laser hair Removal expensive?

The costs associated with Laser Hair Removal vary depending on the area treated. Both the size of the area, and the type of hair will affect the overall cost. Smaller areas, such as upper lip or armpit are much smaller and quicker to treat than a full leg for example! Areas of the body with hormonal hair may need more treatments than areas with non-hormonal hair.  Treatments at Raw Canvas start as low as $45. Book a consultation here!

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